Published: Dates ranging from 2014 until 2016.

What I did: Designed, balanced and fine tuned core game mechanics and systems for a big variety of games for mobile devices, Facebook and retail (physical machines).

Studios: Akamon Entertainment Millenium and Ash Gaming (Playtech)

Platforms: Mobile | Web | Retail (physical machines)

Engine and tools: Proprietary software, Flash (Facebook games), WebGL, Microsoft Excel, Visio and Word for documentation

Responsibilities: Game Balancing, Systems Design, Economy Balancing, Simulation


During my time at Akamon and Ash Gaming I worked as a Game Designer focused on Systems Design and Game Balancing.

My responsibilities included:

  • Designing core game mechanics and balancing entire games for retail (physical arcade machines), web, mobile devices and Facebook games.
  • Crafting models (in very big Excel spreadsheets) and game balancing.
  • Iterating on existing balances via user feedback and playtesting.
  • Building scripts (Java, C#) that simulated millions of playthroughs of work-in-progress balances allowing us to analyse their gameplay experience and compare it with the performance and perceived experience of previously released games.